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NYC’s Swedish Massage Destination

Although people tend to think of Asia as the birthplace of modern massage, when you think of massage, you’re probably thinking of a Swedish massage. The reason for this is that Swedish massage has most heavily influenced massage therapy teachings in the United States, with real, therapeutic benefits for you and anyone who receives it. At West Garden Spa, our therapists are experts in the art of Swedish massage, meaning that a visit to us will give you access to all of the benefits of the modality in an environment that allows you to truly relax.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage Technique

Swedish massage is marked by use of the entire body, with therapists using their hands with medium pressure in long strokes, over joints, and over the lengths of the back, arms, legs, neck, and other areas of the body. This is meant to extend and stretch muscles and connective tissues, increase range of motion, and make you feel looser and more flexible immediately after the treatment is complete.

The benefits of Swedish massage are two-fold: There are clear physiological benefits to this method of massage that are obvious, but there’s also a growing body of research that’s beginning to show other benefits from this specific massage therapy, as well.

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The Physical Benefits of Swedish Massage

The long strokes used in Swedish massage have been believed (and are now known) to be highly effective in increasing blood flow. By strategically moving hands around the body in motions that manipulate toward the heart, Swedish massage therapists can reduce toxins in the blood and muscles and increase blood flow throughout the body. Swedish massage is known to be exceptionally successful in increasing flexibility and circulation.

More recently, more benefits of Swedish massage (and potentially all massage) have become clear. A study published in the New York Times found that subjects who had received a 45-minute or longer Swedish massage produced lower amounts of the hormone cortisol, known for its connection with stress. This is one of the first cases of massage actually being proven to be successful in relieving and preventing stress, although anyone who has ever received a massage knows that to be true without having to see it in writing.

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Get Your Swedish Massage With Us

At West Garden Spa in New York, NY, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of Swedish massage therapy surrounded by picturesque decor with the best massage therapists money can buy. Simply walk into our facility and let our staff take care of you. As a reminder, anyone who uses our spa facility has access to stand-up showers, a dry sauna and steam rooms, private locker area, and a luxurious lounge with a flat-screen TV, as well as other amenities you can learn about when you call or visit us.

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