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Relaxing Soft Massage in NYC

Soft massage describes the massage technique of using softer, slower, and more relaxing touch to manipulate parts of the body, increasing blood flow and other therapeutic benefits that aren’t present with rougher techniques like Asian massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue body treatment. At West Garden Spa, you have access to all of these varieties in our 7,000-square foot, state-of-the-art facility with luxury around every corner. Visit us today to schedule or learn more.

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A Variety of Soft Touch Techniques

One of the primary benefits of soft massage, also referred to as soft touch treatment, is the variation in ways to manipulate the body without using pressure or causing pain. The goal of soft massage is to relieve unwanted tension without creating more through the presence of painful massage, which is often a complaint for people who are more sensitive, have a lower pain barrier, or just don’t enjoy standard massage.

Some of the most common techniques employed in soft massages include:

  • Skin Rolling/Myofascial Release: Skin rolling massage involves light tugging and rolling of the skin to stimulate blood flow while ensuring the recipient doesn’t experience discomfort from the process. This technique, also called myofascial release, helps you experience an overall feeling of wellness, which results from a process called lymphatic drainage.
  • Different Techniques from Different Shapes: Soft massage artists usually use different shapes when they touch to get different results. For example, a V-shape in hand motions during a massage promotes the release of muscle tension, while S-shaped strokes promote circulation and increased blood flow throughout the body.
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The Benefits of Soft Massage

There are two additional reasons beyond the therapeutic benefits of receiving a soft massage to relieve unwanted tension, stress, and pain. First, soft massages are easily done to you even when fully clothed, so if you find yourself uncomfortable with disrobing in pursuit of relaxation, please know that there are ways to relax without doing so. Soft massage sessions are also fairly quick, usually around 15 to 20 minutes in total, meaning that you can fit in some necessary stress release during your lunch break if you choose.

It’s important to remember that you can get a wide variety of benefits from experiencing different forms of massage when you visit our New York City spa. One deep tissue body treatment won’t necessarily alleviate all of the tension built up over a lifetime, and the same goes for Swedish massage, Asian massage, and Shiatsu in regard to their respective health benefits. Becoming a regular visitor to West Garden Spa can have lifelong benefits in terms of feeling well and reaping the rewards of better flexibility, blood flow, and more.

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