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NYC’s Premier Four Hands Massage Destination

At West Garden Spa, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience something not offered at many spas and massage parlors outside of the higher-end, expensive resorts. They’re called four hands massages, or “duo massages” and they involve two massage therapists working on you in synchronicity. Because of the sensation that you’re being overwhelmed by touch, four hands can be an extremely luxurious and relaxing form of massage, just another way West Garden Spa offers you the resort experience at reasonable price, in the heart of one of the country’s busiest hubs.
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What to Expect From a Four Hands Massage

If you’re wondering which type of massage technique to expect from a duo treatment, you’re in luck. While most four hands massages are standard Swedish massages, as long as the therapists are both trained in a specific technique, they’ll be able to indulge you in any of the various massage modalities offered at West Garden Spa. You’ll enter the room like you would a standard solo massage, the only difference being double the number of therapists. One will take the lead, working from the same region of the body on different sides.

For example: The first therapist takes the lead on your right leg and the other follows on your left, up your legs, to the gluteal muscles, up the back and down the arms, and so on. If the two professionals have worked together before, they can match their touch and make the experience that much better.

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The Benefits of a Duo Massage

The benefits of a four hands massage are effectively the same benefits as a standard massage , multiplied by two. Some people have difficulty relaxing when being massaged, and the feeling that a four hands massage lends—the true sensation of being fully immersed in touch—may allow you to more easily give into the release of tension throughout your body.

Many regular spa-goers claim that four hands massages are the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation, especially during a more relaxing massage like a standard Swedish treatment. At West Garden Spa in New York, NY, you can experience the apex of massage for yourself, complete with all the amenities of a 5-star spa without the associated price.

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