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West Garden Spa Provides Tranquility for Your New York Life

Life in New York City is hectic, to say the least. When you’re dealing with long work hours, lengthy commutes, and the hassles of the subway system, sometimes all you want is a little time to relax. West Garden Spa in the heart of NYC is here to provide that relaxation for you. Our therapists are well-versed in numerous massage techniques, including deep muscle massage and full body massage. Visit our NYC location and get the moment of relaxation you deserve.

West Garden Spa is a peaceful haven nestled among the fast-paced lifestyle that envelops New York City. We are here to offer a respite from the high-tempo city life to which you have become accustomed and provide a stress-free, relaxing getaway so that you can reset your batteries. Our therapists perform a variety of different massages in Midtown Manhattan, including Asian massage, Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, four-hands massage, shiatsu massage, and soft massages. Below are answers to some of the common questions we hear at our parlor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Massages

What Type of Massages Do You Offer?

The therapists at West Garden Spa are trained to give many types of massages. We strive to be NYC’s one-stop-shop for all things massage. We can provide the following varieties of massage therapy to our clients:

  • Asian Massage: This variety has been around for thousands of years and is sought after for its ability to ease tension. If you have chronic pain or insomnia, Asian massages can help with that as well.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage is one of our most requested at West Garden Spa. Our therapists use heavier pressure to break up knots and relieve pain deep within the tissue.
  • Four Hands Massage: During one of these massages, two therapists will work on you at the same time. Many of our clients have an easier time relaxing with this “duo massage,” and it’s typically very effective at relieving tension.
  • Shiatsu Massage: This variety of massage is excellent for clients looking for headache relief or a solution to chronic fatigue. Many of our clients report that shiatsu massages alleviate the symptoms of colds, sciatica, and arthritis.
  • Soft Massage: Perhaps heavy pressure isn’t for you. At West Garden Spa, we offer soft massages that apply a slower, more relaxing touch to relieve tension. These massages help alleviate stress that has built up over time.
  • Swedish Massage: If you’re looking to get a full body massage, then Swedish massage is probably for you. Among the most popular variety, our therapists can use its techniques to increase blood flow and help prevent stress.
What Are Your Amenities? Do You Feature Table Showers?

West Garden Spa boasts the most luxurious amenities available today. You can take advantage of our saunas or steam rooms or relax in the lounge with a large flat-screen television. We also offer table showers, in which you can enjoy an Asian massage and body scrub while soaking in a tub of warm or cool water. Our amenities are designed to cater to every preference.

Should I Feel Soreness or Pain During a Massage?

A massage does not need to be painful to be effective. If you experience significant pain during a massage therapy session, it may be doing more harm than good. Pain can cause your muscles to tighten, which will make it difficult for your therapist to ease your tension and relax your body. Many of our experienced West Garden Spa therapists are adept at reading your body language and adjusting their pressure accordingly. But if the pain gets too intense, let us know so we can soften our technique.

How Much Clothing Should I Remove for a Massage?

Your comfort level is a critical element of any massage, so feel free to remove as much or as little clothing as you would like. Some patients want to be in their underwear during a massage, while others prefer being nude. Women will often remove their bra so that it does not get lotion or massage oil on it, but that is a personal preference. You will have time to change or undress in private before and after your session begins. Our therapists will ask to make sure you are decent and covered before entering your room.

What If I Get an Erection During My Massage?

It is common for men to get an erection during a massage session. You should not be ashamed about it. Your parasympathetic nervous system can be activated by touch anywhere on your body, which can cause an erection. However, your massage therapist has undoubtedly encountered this before and understands that an erection during such a relaxed state does not imply emotional or sexual desire, so he or she will simply ignore it.

Do Clients Feel Embarrassed During a Full Body Massage?

The therapists at NYC’s West Garden Spa have definitely worked with clients who’ve felt embarrassed about nudity or accidental drooling. However, our therapists are accustomed to many of the things our clients are nervous about. Many men worry about erections during their massage, and while that does happen, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Accidental erections are often brought on by increased relaxation and don’t imply anything sexual. Drooling, too, often happens as a result of relaxation and is no reason to feel embarrassed.

Is It Insulting to Request More Pressure?

It’s never insulting to your massage therapist to request more or less pressure during a deep muscle massage. Only you know your own comfort level for sure, and we want to accommodate accordingly. When you visit our NYC spa, never feel afraid to request a change in pressure. We’ll adjust our approach as you wish.

How Will a Massage Improve Fertility?

If you’re struggling with fertility, full body massage may be a solution. Because massage therapy reduces inflammation, releases stress, and relieves muscle tension, it can also increase your chances of conception. Though this method does not work for everyone, it’s inexpensive and can lead to a healthier hormonal system. For those looking to improve fertility, body massages are often worth a try.

Massage therapy can be an effectual, inexpensive method to improve fertility for several reasons. Among the massage benefits that can improve your chances of conception are:

  • Reduced inflammation and adhesions that could be inhibiting pregnancy
  • Lower stress
  • Relief of muscle and emotional tension
  • Healthier hormonal system
How Often Should I Get an Asian or Swedish Massage?

The frequency of your visits to West Garden Spa for an Asian or Swedish massage in New York should depend on several factors, most notably your physical needs and stress levels. The effects of massage therapy are cumulative, so maintaining a massage routine is an excellent way of maximizing your physical and emotional health. Receiving a massage from one of our therapists every two weeks is an ideal way to keep your muscle tissue pliable. However, if you have insomnia, suffer from chronic pain, or are dealing with an injury, visiting weekly may be the right approach. Regardless of how often you visit our parlor in Manhattan, you are sure to receive immense health benefits and be refreshed and ready to face the Big Apple after each visit.

How Early Should I Arrive for My Appointment?

You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment so that you can complete paperwork and be prepared for your block of time when it begins. An early arrival will also allow time to discuss your Asian or Swedish massage with your NYC West Garden Spa therapist before it starts without cutting into your massage time window. You will then have time to undress in private and lie on your table so that you are completely ready at your scheduled appointment time.

Are Cell Phones Allowed?

Cell phones are not permitted during your massage therapy session. Eliminating the distraction of your smartphone will keep the environment at West Garden Spa tranquil and serene, allowing you to de-stress and enjoy your experience.

What If I Recognize I Have Drooled?

Do not be embarrassed by drooling during a massage. It happens quite often. During a massage, your body may fall into a near-slumber state – or you may fall asleep altogether – and the muscles in your mouth will relax. We will have tissues on hand to wipe away your drool if necessary. But drooling is a sign that you have completely relaxed, which enhances the overall massage therapy experience.

Will the Massage Oils Cause Acne?

We use hypoallergenic massage oils and lotions that are not prone to causing acne breakouts. However, if you have specific skin sensitivities, let your massage therapist know. We have a variety of lotions and oils available and will gladly choose one that is most agreeable with your skin type.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all traditional forms of payment at our NYC location. We also encourage the purchase and use of gift cards, which you can acquire at our front desk. The minimum purchase for a gift card is $100, and they include one to two hours of massage therapy. If you’re ready for your luxurious Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or any of our other offerings, contact us today. We’re happy to help each of our clients release the tension of the NYC workday with a body massage to relieve pain.

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