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A deep tissue massage is a great way to work out pain and tension, but after receiving this intense treatment, it’s important to allow yourself to recovery properly. If you don’t take a few minutes post-massage to let your body return to its normal state, you risk problems with dizziness and diminishing the effects of your massage.

This video explains how to recover from deep tissue massage. One of the most important things you can do is ease yourself off the massage table slowly and watch your posture. Because of the rush of blood to treated areas, sudden movement can make you feel lightheaded or spacey. Take a few moments to relax with a glass of water before you drive home.

Deep tissue massage is just one of the massage services West Garden Spa offers to help you feel your best. Call our NYC Asian massage spa in Midtown Manhattan today at (212) 244-7711 to learn more or to book your next massage.