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Millions of people suffer from regular tension migraines which are caused by muscle tension and the pain of a mixed tension migraine can vary from dull to throbbing and from mild to severe.

Relieving pressure on certain parts of the body can help reduce symptoms of certain ailments. If you suffer from tension migraines, a shiatsu massage can bring you some immediate relief.

Keep reading to learn more about this form of massage and how it helps your head.

tension headache relief

Shiatsu Massage Restores Balance

A trained masseuse knows how to work with acupressure points throughout the body to find areas of imbalance. With practiced touch and attention to the senses, a massage therapist can help restore this balance to your body and alleviate side effects of the imbalance, like crippling headaches that would otherwise ruin your entire day.

Shiatsu Massage Improves Blood Flow

Tension migraines are often caused by blocked blood flow and energy that builds up and puts too much pressure on a certain area of the body. A trained massage therapist can use the shiatsu technique to improve the way the blood flows to get rid of this tension and pressure and significantly reduce the pain of the headache. Shiatsu massage has also been known to improve blood pressure and relieve pain in the back and the joints.

Shiatsu Massage Decreases Nausea

One of the most uncomfortable side effects of a tension migraine is increased nausea. A shiatsu massage can also focus on the digestive tract to help reduce the excessive tension in this area and decrease nausea. For thousands of years, people have turned to this kind of massage to improve digestion and get rid of stress.

Stop suffering from tension migraines and start feeling more like yourself with the help of a shiatsu massage from Manhattan’s West Garden Spa. Our staff is well trained in the art of Shiatsu massage to help you get rid of stress and pain that are results of your daily life. We also provide a soothing atmosphere that encourages you to relax. To learn more about our massage options, call 212.244.7711.