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For complete relaxation in the heart of Manhattan, make West Garden Spa your number one destination. In addition to our full range of massage services which include Asian massage, Swedish, shiatsu, soft tissue, deep tissue, and four-hand massages, we also boast a list of amenities that will make your visit even more enjoyable. We want you to have the experience of a 5-star luxury massage spa without the lavish price.

Once you step through our doors, your outside stressors will be forgotten as you relax with a massage and these great offerings. From our beautiful massage therapists to the upscale lounge to our table showers, we provide you with an amazing relaxation experience.

Flat-Screen TV LoungeLounge at West Garden Spa

Before or after your massage, do something that you seldom get to do—relax in front of your favorite television program. Our lounge is the ideal place to put your feet up and indulge in some quiet time before you get back to your hectic NYC day. We know that being in the city that never sleeps can leave you feeling drained and tired. Our clients are encouraged to enjoy this quiet space we’ve created just for them. There’s no reason to stop relaxing simply because your massage is over.

Steam Rooms

Are your muscles extra tense? Do you need to rid your body of the toxins that can build up from air pollution and an eat-on-the-go lifestyle? Are you simply tired from walking around the city? Take a break in one of our steam rooms, either before or after your massage. The steam will help relax and loosen your muscles to boost the effectiveness of the massage. As you perspire in the steam room, your body will rid itself of toxins that could be making you feel fatigued. Of course, thanks to power of massage to get your blood flowing, this process will be enhanced after treatment.

Dry Saunas

Dry saunas provide many of the same benefits as steam rooms, but they do so without the moisture and humidity associated with steam. Without that humidity, temperatures can soar even more, causing you to sweat out mercury, sodium, and even cholesterol faster than in a steam room. Our dry saunas can accommodate up to six guests, so they’re a good choice when you’re enjoying a day at our Manhattan massage spa with friends.

Table Showers

Our table showers are a great way to cleanse your body before or after your massage. Plus, they provide for a truly invigorating and relaxing experience. After you lay face down on the table, your masseuse will shower your body with water set to the temperature that is set to your liking. Next comes the body scrub down using gentle massage-like strokes. This helps to not only cleanse your skin but helps increase your blood circulation and induce a state of relaxation.

At West Garden Spa in NYC, we offer massages and so much more. Visit our Asian massage spa any time you need a respite from the hectic Manhattan lifestyle. Make a reservation now by calling 212.244.7711. We are conveniently located only minutes from Penn Station and are open until 2am most days.